Low Iron Temper Glass


Low iron pattern glass is made by rolling process technique. the special patterns are designed to reduce the direction reflectance and to increase the internal reflection effect that the solar energy can be absorbed effectively.


The maximum transmittance of the soar lights and the efficiency of electricity generation are also raised. With the outs tanding characteristics of the high solar lights transmittance,the low reflectance, the low iron,the high mechanical strenght and the high flatness


This high strength glass maintains the best image quality by eliminating unwanted distortions with the advanced optical technology. The Surface processing make the sunlight is higher transmittance and reflectance rate lower more.


Energy transmittance (Te) of 3.2mm low iron clear patterned glass 


Technical parameter: 

>>> Thickness:  3.2mm
>>> Energy transmittance ratio: ≥91.6%
>>> Reflectance: 8%
>>> Iron composition: ≤120ppmFe2O3
>>> Poisson’s Ratio: 0.2
>>> Young’s Elastic Modulus: 73GPa
>>> Tensile Strength: 42MPa
>>> Hemisphere radiance: 0.84
>>> Expansion Coefficient: 9.03 x 10-6℃
>>> Quality Enterprise Standard: Q/DFTY001-2007
>>> Softening Point:720 ℃
>>> Annealing Point:550 ℃