Black Anodized Absorber


Innosolar develops, produces and supplies absorber strip for solar collector manufacturers all over the world. Overall efficiency is of the very highest class,  and an extensively tried and used product.


High performance…


Innosolar’s high performance results from a combination of a highly specialised surface,good fin efficiency and excellent heat-transfer properties. The heat-transfer properties are in turn the result of a unique construction. The absorber strip is made of aluminium with a metallically joined copper tube. The tube allows a turbulent flow in the tube, which increases the heat transfer to the heating medium.  also increases the heat-transferring area. The negligible volume of liquid in the tube reduces any dynamic loss and increases the solar collector’s energy effect. These qualities are especially important in large solar collectors.


Environmentally friendly


The combination of copper and aluminium gives the strip a low weight and high rigidity. Analyses indicate low life-cycle costs (LCA analyses) and entire products can be returned to us for recycling.


The coating technique – does not generate any residual products and the entire production process has no environmental impact.





Technical Parameter:

* Aluminium fin of black anodized surface

* Absorptivity: 85±2%     Emission: 15±2% 
* Fin standard dimension:1840mm x 125mm x 0.5mm ( length x width x thickness )
* Copper tube standard dimension:
* Riser tube: 1880 x 10mm x 0.45mm,  ( length x out diameter x thickness )
* Header tube: 1060m x 22mmx 0.6mm  ( length x width x thickness )


We supply High-quality unglazed solar absorber with black chrome coating for customers. 
Foreign customers  buy our solar absorber for swimming pool and assemble ,solar collector in their    market for   distributing and installing.
We can design different sizes and specification for customers with their requirements.
So if you were interested in our products,never hesitate to contact with us .
Be sure we can comply with your requirements .