Blue Coating  Strip Absorber


During the ultrasonic welding process, the bonding takes place in a solid state, without any melting of the parts being joined. This is accomplished by overlapping the weld metals and rubbing them against each other using low-pressure, high-frequency mechanical oscillation. Within a fraction of a second, a permanent, solid and metallurgically pure connection with outstanding physical properties is created.


Ultrasonic welding allows the welding of materials with different melting temperatures, such as aluminum and copper for example.


The ultrasonic welding process offers the user a number of economical, technological and not least importantly ecological advantages which form the foundation for the worldwide success of this method:

→ high-quality metallic bond
→ excellent electrical properties
→ low thermal load to welding materials
→ economical due to low operating costs
→ comprehensive process control
→ short welding times


Ultrasonically welded absorber fins. The connection between the copper pipe and the sheet copper was made by roll seam welding.



Pipe with pipe together Silver-Cu welding


Good melting properties. Silver enhances flow. Enhances capillary flow, improves corrosion resistance of less-noble alloys, worsens corrosion resistance of gold and palladium.




Technical Parameter:


MODEL NO.: Solar Absorber with blue coating 
* Copper fin of blue sputtering coating.
* Absorptivity: 95±2%     Emission: 5±2%
* Fin standard dimension:
* 1840 mmx 130mmx 0.15mm, ( length x width x thickness )
* Copper tube standard dimension:
* Riser tube: 1880mm x 10mm x 0.5mm (or 0.6mm ),  ( length x out   diameter x thickness )
* Header tube: 1060mm x 22mm ( or 25mm) x 0.6mm ( or 0.8mm) , ( length   x out diameter x  thickness )


We supply High-uality unglazed solar absorber with High-efficiency sputtering blue coating for customers.
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