Our Service


* OEM service - As manufacturer for any brands.


Innosolar Energy Co., Ltd is a professional and leading manufacturer in China for flat plate solar collector and other fittings. We now supply different types of solar collector with top-quality and very competitive price for Europe, Australia, America and other countries. I also supply the OEM service for some very large solar company like Sonohart, and other famouse companise.
Innosolar now step by step begin the manufacturing base for all the big companies , distributors , Importers, Sales, agents in Europe, Australia , America and other countries.


Innosolar 's solar collector has passed EN12975, AS , SRCC test with good quality.


*R & D innovated technology for the solar hot water system and shift the technology to the products.

For flat plate solar collector, the key point is coating. Now we have developed the high efficiency selective black chrome and blue sputtering tinox coating. The efficiency can reach the Europe standard.
Ultrasonic welding is the advanced and popular technology for welding. Absolute and big interface  between fin and copper without medium. The ability of heating transfer is better than other.
The transmissivity of Temper glass will influence the efficiency of solar collector. Now innosolar use the patterned temper glass and low iron patterned temper glass with more than 91% transmissivity and lower reflectivity.
New steady frame and good sealing is also very important for solar collector.


New technology:  Ultrasonic welding copper tube with Aluminium fins now.
Now we develop a new ultrasonic welding technology for copper and Aluminium. Because of the copper price increase higher and higher, use copper-aluminium, the cost and price will decrease much for customer. But the efficiency is same.
We now export selective aluminium tinox fin solar collector for Europe and world market.