1.Unglazed Solar Absorber

      Blue Coating Strip Absorber

      Blue Coating Full Absorber

      Black Chrome Absorber

      Black Anodized Absorber


   2.Flat Plate Solar Collector
      ??Blue Absorber Series

        ??nbsp;Blue Copper Strip

        ??nbsp;Blue Full Aluminium

        ??nbsp;Blue Aluminum Strip

      ??/a> Black Absorber Series

        ??nbsp;Chrome Copper Strip

        ??nbsp;Chrome Aluminium Strip

        ??nbsp;Anodized Aluminium Strip

      ??Solar Air Collector

   3.Solar Water Heater
      Thermosyphon System
      Split System










Innosolar Energy Co.,Ltd specializes in the production and manufacture of the high-quality flat plate solar collector . We manufacture all goods with ISO quality control system and have ISO9001:2000 Certificate .Our products with CE certificate and Solar Keymark Certificate Our marketing action focus to supply products especially fit Euro and North America market and other market. The products we provided are not only great at performance, but also harmonized with the house you are living in. Our will is to let hot water supplying become a kind of architectual aesthetics .


By now, our products have already been sold to Euro countries, North America as well as Australia. for more than three years . Innosolar Energy Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture for flat plate solar collector with capability of 120000 square meters per year. We supply all kinds of flat plate solar collector , solar absorber and solar water heating system Africa , Asia and South America and other markets. Our solar water heater as different type also with CE certificate .




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