Laser Welding


Our pulsed laser welds the tubes and the metal sheet together in very small spots on the rear side of the absorber,in order to prevent any damage to the front side. A finely dosed laser beam focused by a lens system causes particles of the panel and pipe to melt and mix. The laser beam heats the pipe and the absorber panel at the weld point only, thus reducing the area affected by heat to a minimum. Material stress and warping are hence kept at a low level. On an absorber with a gross surface of 2.0 m2 approx. 25,000 weld points ensure a permanent and reliable joint and an exceptional heat transfer rate.




Advantages of laser welding:


Laser welding is the very latest technology for solar absorbers, solving the inefficiencies and problems of other methods.

Laser welding technology allows long-term stability and thermal shock durability.

A big aesthetic level in welding, The selective coating is not damaged by laser welding, meaning that the absorber's appearance remains excellent. Professionals and consumers agree that laser welding uses cutting edge technology to great performance and a brilliant appearance.

Optimal joining of different materials (e.g. aluminium with copper)

The cost of coated aluminium sheet is lower than comparable selectively coated copper products.