BlueTec Coating

As the heart of a solar collector, BlueTec eta plus efficiently converts solar energy into heat and at the same time protects the collector against energy losses. as the core of thermal solar collectors, effectively transforms solar energy into heat.


The semi-finished product is used by the solar industry in absorbers for flat-plate collectors with full-surface or strip absorbers, in tube collectors as well as in air and large-surface facade collectors.


Over 20 years, the highly selective absorber band produces more than 10,000 kWh of usable energy per square metre of surface. Collectors with eta plus are a clear alternative to conventional energy generation and also help to considerably reduce CO2 emissions.

→ BlueTec eta plus is produced using an air-to-air vacuum coating process. The so-called magnetron sputtering is the method used for applying the coating to the metal substrate

→This process sets new technical standards

→The magnetron sputter process employed by BlueTec to apply the coating to the metal substrate meets even the most stringent quality requirements.

→The eta plus coating is a ceramic metal compound.

→This so-called CERMET (ceramic metal compound) is comprised of several single layers in which metal particles are embedded in a ceramic matrix. Due to scattering effects, they absorb radiation within a certain wavelength range.

→The metal content of the eta plus coating system gradually decreases towards the surface.

→ The coating applied to the surface of the substrate is a passivating metal coating. It serves as a diffusion barrier as well as a means of corrosion protection for the metal substrate.

→ The inner layers are the functional layers, in which most of the light is absorbed.

→ The top layer is a pure ceramic and also serves as an anti-reflection coating and as an extremely durable protection for the entire system.


technical properties.

→above-average aging and temperature resistance

→outstanding homogeneity of the coating over the entire material width

→absorption 95%, thermal emission 5%

→top quality and a zero-emission industrial production process.

→eta plus_cu for copper bands with a thickness of 0.12to 0.3mm and a width of up to 1200mm.